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About Us

Our Philosophy

Students deserve a learning environment that was created with their social, emotional, and academic development in mind.

Historical education philosophies that often feel ancient to us currently suggest that if the students can sit for hours and absorb downloaded information all day that they will have what they need to successfully become great citizens of their communities. These theories date back to the mid 1600’s, when grades 1-12 were in one room taught by a single teacher. These approaches included educating through family morals, religious virtues, and community apprenticeships. Education was introduced and offered to families who could afford to pay the fee associated with attending the program. Arithmetic and literature studies were introduced in school settings publicly when the families were not capable of proficiently teaching these two core subjects.

However, in a world with many options for anything imaginable, we now have several learning styles, concepts, and methods to deliver academics according to foundational principles. Many studies provide evidence that students offered movement-based opportunities and physical activity throughout the day have stronger attention spans and retain more information than those who sat through traditional education settings for an entire school day.

Perform to Learn provides a setting that encourages constant engagement of the student’s interest and attention. Each classroom is strategically designed with a holistic sensory experience in mind. Each classroom is purposefully equipped with a myriad of multisensory, kinesthetic, and play-based resources and opportunities. The students are given an opportunity to learn the core-concepts of early childhood and elementary education through a holistic play-based curriculum.

Intentionality is our priority when creating classrooms for the students. P2L utilizes science and psychological research when choosing the base colors for the classrooms, opting for two of the calmest of the color palette. The calming effect of the walls is balanced with stimulating classroom-themed murals that are thought-provoking learning resources and imagery that allows students to use their imaginations as they travel through each classroom daily.

At P2L there are no white walls, hours of handout and printed work, whiteboard memorization lesson plans and textbooks that are disengaging to the students and present concepts that are solely in word form. There are far too many students who require and desire a much more interesting, multi-sensory, hands-on, and play-based way of learning.


Families Deserve

With over 15 years of research and daily experience, P2L has taken the opportunity to truly understand
our students, their families, and communities. Families are looking for a myriad of things when deciding on a school for their students.
The most repeated top 3 on the wish lists or must haves:

A safe and secure campus with a non-bullying policy


Fun hands-on learning


Strong communication with the families from the school

This is what is most sought after by the families who have young scholars looking for a place to have a world-class
early-elementary, elementary, and secondary education.

We invite you on a journey of education reimagined.