Home Economics

The Home Economics learning environment adds significant value to our Players’ lives. This throwback program offers a variety of activities that reinforce life skills. Players learn skills such as cooking, healthy lifestyle choices, self-responsibility, care and concern over personal items, hygiene, and general health.

Mathematical reinforcement plays a major role in this learning environment. In particular, Players will have the opportunity to consider the value, cost and benefits, of the choices they make in terms of the life skills they are considering.

In each hands-on activity undertaken, Players will have an opportunity to express themselves and their understanding of self as it pertains to the life skills being presented. This play-based environment is an exciting and engaging activity space with tons of hands-on activities every day.

Early and Elementary Education Focus

Mathematics, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Social and Emotional Wellness, Life Skills, Critical Thinking, Responsibility and Self-Awareness

Our Curriculum