A Day in the Life

of Our Players

Our Players get to enjoy an enchanting learning environment throughout the day. The Early Childhood learning team rotates every 35 minutes. This timeframe allows the Coaches to maximize the Players’ learning capacity before their attention spans are exhausted.

Each learning environment reinforces the basic academics of early childhood education. Similarly, the Elementary Education Team rotates every hour to the various learning environments, reinforcing the elementary education academic components.


All Abilities

Perform to Learn believes that each of our Players have endless capabilities. We do not acknowledge learning differences as disabilities. Rather, P2L credits the differing abilities of our Players. Perform to Learn is committed to integrity when it comes to what we offer and, in that commitment, we will work diligently to ensure that Perform to Learn is the best fit for all abilities.

The P2L Education team will work closely with the families of our Players to ensure any areas that need reinforcement or further assessment, whether in school or through external services, are considered.

There is a much broader scope of available services that are offered in the event a Player requires additional support to thrive.


Our Curriculum