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Indigo – Discipline:

Indigo is the deepest, richest hue of the rainbow, like the depths of the sea or the night sky. This makes us think of the stillness and quiet with which we can look inward and become masters of our selves. Having discipline means being persistent, dependable, humble, and dutiful.

Blue – Wisdom:

Blue reminds us of calm oceans and clear skies, thus we associate it with the far-reaching clarity and calm of wisdom. More than just intelligence, wisdom encompasses responsibility, reflection, patience, and peacefulness.


The greens that come forth in spring ll us with hope for the new life to come, and the memories of them sustain us through hard winters. The hopeful are ambitious, focused, cooperative, and tolerant.

Yellow – Integrity:

In ancient times, emperors of the East wore yellow and welcomed guest on yellow carpets to show reciprocity that underpins integrity. Those with Integrity demonstrate respect, honor, fairness and resolve.

Orange - Joy:

Orange is the brightest color, full of a sense of life and energy, the color of the joy-bringers. Those who live joy embody compassion, understanding, optimism, and generosity

Red - Courage:

Red is the color that most stands out from the greens, blues, and browns of the natural world: red is a brave color that stands up for what it believes in. Those with courage are honest, engaged, selfless, and experimental.

Violet – Balance:

Violet mixes the boldness of red with the contemplation of blue and strikes a balance between them; it is a color for those who build communities and find compromises. Balanced people are just, observant, considerate, and cooperative.