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Elementary and Preschool

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Your Student

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Elementary readiness essentials include Language and Literacy, Creative Representation, Movement, Music, and Social Relations. The P2L program provides all of the “essential” academics including a STEM program designed just for the preschooler. The old adages of reading, writing, and arithmetic still apply, along with motor skills, creative arts, reasoning, and concept development.

P2L’s cross-curriculum methods address behavior, knowledge, and skills development and include traditional learning modalities such as problem-solving, physical objects as teaching tools, language stimulation, eye-hand coordination, and learning in context. As mentioned above, our program is enriched further with a focused Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. Technology is one of the STEM initiatives at P2L, and for good reason. Digital literacy is no longer “becoming a major component of early childhood education”, it has arrived. Understanding basic concepts and being able to perform basic skills are a must for our students’ futures. Our technology-focused curriculum is constantly reviewed by staff in consultation with our families to ensure it meets this standard.

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