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We are not just another school with the play based title.  We are one of a kind, revolutionary! Why, you ask? Because we are powered by Character Power!

Character Power®

Drives the P2L Curriculum

Preschool is a time for exploration and discovery, and to experience one’s self with others. For many preschool-aged children, it is their first expanded-group social and learning setting, and the first time they have the ability, and need, to make choices. It can be a daunting task for grown-ups. For our 21st – century children, born into a world that is all about choice, capitalizing on the opportunity to make GOOD CHOICES can be a real challenge.

Starting with the idea that we all have “signature strengths”, the P2L Character Power ® program gives concrete expression to these virtues which run through our entire curriculum. In this way, P2L Character Power ® seeks to instill the ability to recognize and foster GOOD CHOICES, utilizing the signature character strength of a given child, both as an individual and as a member of the student body.


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Indigo – Discipline:

Indigo is the deepest, richest hue of the rainbow, like the depths of the sea or the night sky. This makes us think of the stillness and quiet with which we can look inward and become masters of our selves. Having discipline means being persistent, dependable, humble, and dutiful.


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Blue – Wisdom:

Blue reminds us of calm oceans and clear skies, thus we associate it with the far-reaching clarity and calm of wisdom. More than just intelligence, wisdom encompasses responsibility, reflection, patience, and peacefulness.


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The greens that come forth in spring ll us with hope for the new life to come, and the memories of them sustain us through hard winters. The hopeful are ambitious, focused, cooperative, and tolerant.


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Yellow – Integrity:

In ancient times, emperors of the East wore yellow and welcomed guest on yellow carpets to show reciprocity that underpins integrity. Those with Integrity demonstrate respect, honor, fairness and resolve.


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Orange - Joy:

Orange is the brightest color, full of a sense of life and energy, the color of the joy-bringers. Those who live joy embody compassion, understanding, optimism, and generosity


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Red - Courage:

Red is the color that most stands out from the greens, blues, and browns of the natural world: red is a brave color that stands up for what it believes in. Those with courage are honest, engaged, selfless, and experimental.


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Violet – Balance:

Violet mixes the boldness of red with the contemplation of blue and strikes a balance between them; it is a color for those who build communities and find compromises. Balanced people are just, observant, considerate, and cooperative.


Qualified Staff

Perform to Learn hires qualified teachers in academics and performing arts to team teach. We cross-train and collaborate to meet the consistent daily expectation of our students and families. We recruit to establish a culturally, gender and generationally diverse staff. We seek recent early elementary education graduates, seasoned teachers, retirees and contract professionals to execute the program. Just as we promote growth and independence in our curriculum, we encourage the same approach from our staff. With dynamic educational creative collaboration, we build teams that are  committed to the student’s preschool experience and individual development– personal growth, independence and elementary readiness.


Your Student Will Never want to Leave!

Elementary readiness essentials include Language and Literacy, Creative Representation, Movement, Music, and Social Relations. The P2L program provides all of the “essential” academics including a STEM program designed just for the preschooler. The old adages of reading, writing, and arithmetic still apply, along with motor skills, creative arts, reasoning, and concept development.

P2L’s cross-curriculum methods address behavior, knowledge, and skills development and include traditional learning modalities such as problem-solving, physical objects as teaching tools, language stimulation, eye-hand coordination, and learning in context. As mentioned above, our program is enriched further with a focused Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. Technology is one of the STEM initiatives at P2L, and for good reason.  Digital literacy is no longer “becoming a major component of early childhood education”, it has arrived.  Understanding basic concepts and being able to perform basic skills are a must for our students’ futures. Our technology-focused curriculum is constantly reviewed by staff in consultation with our families to ensure it meets this standard.

Perform to Learns principles are derived from that vast study of human development, with a focus on constancy as it relates to toddler hood to 6 years of age. Those principles, as a holistic practicum, can be stated simply as: “Engagement, Connection, Mastery”.

Engagement is experienced through an interconnected series of selections, displays, activities, and materials. Our students have the opportunity to engage with each perceptual model as “choosers.” Significant engagement takes place as an active process with the group, teachers and other learners. P2L’s classroom rotation system provides the opportunity to develop the student’s connection with change – in surroundings (classrooms), plan, and associated activity (stimulus) – and most importantly, to navigate and successfully interact with others (social intelligence) within a guided yet dynamic environment. As students will be interacting/engaging with several disciplines throughout each day in individual instruction/play with several different teachers and in larger group activities, connection to the program as a whole is integral to the P2L student “independence” model.

Mastery is earned through engagement, connection, and repeat!